​We service and carry all brands of openers, but LiftMaster is the preferred choice because of its quality and reliability.

All Openers come with MyQ technology which enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Garage door openers can be repaired depending on the problem.  However, if the opener is over ten years old, we recommend just replacing it. 

Garage door openers same as your springs can break down from wear and tear, but may ​wear down faster due to an unbalanced door which is caused by having the wrong size spring(s) on the door. 

We will conduct a complete inspection and let you know of all potential problems. 


MJ Hoist Operator

Trolley(T) Style Operator

with MyQ technology

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try before giving us a call:

Garage door won’t go all the way down

1) Check for obstructions – There may be an object in the way or near the photo eye sensors preventing the door from closing.

2) Make sure photo eyes are aligned – The photo eye sensors must be pointing straight at each other in order for the door to close.​

Garage door won’t open

1) Make sure you have power.

​​2) Put the door in manual mode by pulling the emergency release, which is the red string located on the garage door opener and attempt to open the door manually.

If you cannot open the door, you probably have a broken spring.  STOP!  and call a professional.  Never attempt to replace the spring yourself.

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Services Offered:

MD Trolley Operator

Hoist(H) Style Operator with MyQtechnology


When one spring breaks the second will break shortly after because they have the same life expectancy.  So in order to save you time and inconvenience, we recommend replacing both springs.

It is very important that you have the right springs installed in order for your door to operate properly. Having the wrong springs installed on your door can make your garage door opener work harder and damage your garage door system. We weigh and check the door by performing a balance test to ensure the correct springs are installed.

"We welcome you with open doors​"


Garage Door springs do all the heavy lifting and with time they eventually break. If the door is not opening, chances are you need a new spring.  

The spring is located directly above your door on a bar called a shaft.  A broken spring is visible and there will be a separation or a gap in the spring.  If you have a Wayne Dalton model door, the spring wont’ be visible.  The spring on this type of door is inside the tube or shaft.

  • Garage door installation/repair
  • Section/Panel replacement
  • Broken spring replacement
  • Opener repair/replacement
  • Broken cables
  • Rollers, tracks, and hinges
  • Drum replacement
  • Keypads, remotes, photo        eye-sensors
  • Circuit boards